About Killrkat

Killrkat is a futuristic dynamic duo comprised of two internationally established electronic musicians whose identities are a mystery, lending suspense and comic book appeal to their act. Since emerging onto the scene Killerkat’s live performances have created quite a buzz in the Electronic Dance Music Community. One reason they have garnered so much attention could be that the group members conceal their identities by wearing giant black cat heads with glowing LED eyes.

Another arguably more substantial reason for the fanfare is that a live Killrkat set is at the forefront of technology. Their performance includes recently released software “The Bridge”, used for integrating Serato DJ software and Ableton Live, which allows them to seamlessly fuse live on the spot remixing with old school blending. This combined with intelligent LED suits pushes the boundaries of experience through sound.

Killrkat has recently been confirmed for the 2017 Wizard World comic-con tour with over 20 dates across the US. On this tour they are featuring “Kitty Blaze” a grinder and fire performer along with The Purrfect Angelz dancers.



An Electric Interview with KillrKat