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    Los Angeles, CA
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    VR Development – Installations – Licensing
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    Virtual Reality


About Parietal VR

SoundGrok by Parietal VR is a fully immersive, multi-sensory flight through space that is affected by the music coming into their mobile phone. The “festival goer” get’s a pair of branded Google Cardboard glasses from the sponsors’ area, downloads the co/branded VR App (can be done prior to festival as well) and then soars through the galaxy in a never been done before sound reactive virtual experience with elements of a brand weaved into the adventure. Additionally, this experience could work with a Samsung Gear VR headset in a controlled environment.

One of the biggest obstacles is conveying how cool the experience is without having the person actually see it. They say “talking about virtual reality is like dancing about architecture”

So, they decided to capture other people’s reaction to it…

Reaction Video:

SoundGrok_Reactions from John McCrea on Vimeo.