Visual Artists

Eloh Projects

Sean Allum is a digital creator out of Portland, Oregon. In collaboration with cutting edge visionaries he has crafted imagery for Disney artists, professional athletes, and consulted for the most influential companies on the planet.

Contemporary · Digital · Visionary

Harmonic Light

At Harmonic Light, Our Goal is to create an image that makes you say WOW! To translate your personality, tastes, and Style into a work of art. To Create a Depiction of YOU that is 100% Real and 1000% Unique. We conjure a Compressed Slice of UnEdited time into a portrait that lives and breathes magic!!

Contemporary · Experimental · Oragnic · Un-Edited

Peter Goode Art

Peter Goode is a painter working in Los Angeles, CA. His unique blend of magical realism, futurealism, and dark surrealism culminates in a metaphysical visionary landscape where meditative boddhisatvas, angelic oracles, strange visitors, and nomadic wanderers take the stage.

Contemporary · Experimental · Oragnic · Psychedelic · Visionary


Brian Pollet is a San Francisco based artist who was highly successful in the fine art gallery circuit who has turned to digital expression. Sponsored by Corel Draw and Featured in the acclaimed Vice TV Series he is getting major international attention.

Contemporary · Digital · Visionary

Parietal VR

Parietal VR is a Google Ventures backed Bay Area Virtual Reality Studio which creates various Virtual Reality activations. Their flagship product SoundGrok is a Mobile Native Sounds Visualization Application for Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.

Virtual Reality


Visual media tailored to your vision. We are content creators. Through photography and video production, we provide media for your brand's image.


Lumen Nature

Lumen Nature was founded to “make everything better with light”. By studying the effects of light on human behavior they have come up with designs for; Art Installations, Stage Props, Fashion, and other Consumer Products.

Intelligent LED design

Musical Artists


Annodalleb is a san francisco based experimental project. annodalleb is interested in exploring the sonic spaces created within the darkness. As above, so below.

Experimental · Industrial · Psychedelic


Prophei is a san francisco based musician and producer. Prophei is best known for both his electronic music production, and as the driving force behind the experimental project: annodalleb prophei constructs audio in various stylistic spaces bridging synthpop, industrial, ambient, psy, bluegrass

Dance · Experimental · Rock


Over the years Outersect has collaborated and performed live with some luminaries of dubbed out psychedelic music, including Simon Posford (Shpongle, Hallucinogen, Younger Brother, Celtic Cross, Anubis). His latest release includes Outersect's remix of I Am A Freak, originally by Younger Brother (Bennie Vaughn & Simon Posford)

Experimental · Glitch · Psychedelic


INURE is a Los Angeles based rock/electronic band. Previously on Metropolis Records they have toured nationally with bands like Psyclon9 and collaborations with members of Combichrist, Imperative Reaction and 16volt.

Industrial · Rock

Schlauting Thomas

Schlauting Thomas is a DJ Project that introduces Intelligent LED sequencing within suits, stage and go-go outfits.

Electro · Glitch Hop


Killrkat is a futuristic dynamic duo comprised of two internationally established electronic musicians whose identities are a mystery, lending suspense and comic book appeal to their act. Since emerging onto the scene Killerkat’s live performances have created quite a buzz in the Electronic Dance Music Community and are currently on tour with Wizard World, the Comic-convention.



FloorKode is an LA based Electronic Music collaboration. They are featured in the upcoming 2017 release film DysFunktion. FlooKode is both in the film and the soundtrack.


Performance Artists

SkyFire Arts

An innovative performing arts company that weaves cirque arts with technology, creating spectacular entertainment productions. Our performers wield 15 foot arcs of electricity from a massive Tesla coil in a show with aerial acrobatics, fire dancing, gymnastics, stilt-walking, and more. This signature production is a mythological cirque theatre featuring characters who master ancient and futuristic technologies to convey a profound message of courage and compassion.

Cirque Quirk

Cirque Quirk, founded in 2012, aims to excite and delight audiences of all ages. We bring joy and wonder to our audiences through circus arts. Locally based in San Diego, many of the troupe’s members perform internationally.

Audio Artists

Funkworks Audio

We specialize in designer audio, specifically Funktion - One. Covering shows anywhere from a couple hundred to 5000 person dance events.

Broadcast Artists

The Drop Show

The Drop Show is a weekly program based on Electronica. Hosted by Tatiana, Schlaut and DJ Seap they take you on a journey through the fashion, culture, lifestyle and technology behind electronic music. Past guests include Crystal Method, Dj Colette, Andy Caldwell, Sander Kleinenberg and many more.

Psionic Temple

Psionic Temple is a production studio in San Francisco, California Specializing in underground electronic music, owned & run by Prophei.