So you produce and perform music. You are waiting for that big break where the major label is going to show up backstage and hand you a contract. And then you wake up and realize you’re not in the 80’s anymore. We remember when that could happen, and it did. But those days are gone.

It takes finger bleeding e-mails, press, tours, door knocking, image, social presence and general suit suckery to get where you want. And now once you are there, you have to write/negotiate contracts, manage your schedule and develop a strategy for your continued growth. Yep, its boring and crippling to the industry. Sorry, but you have Metallica to thank for that. EAM is here to help support where labels no longer can and you shouldn’t have to.

You need to focus on music. That’s why you got into this after all…right?


Areas of expertise:

  • Label research and negotiation
  • Licensing for film/TV
  • Social media management
  • Booking/Touring
  • Public Relations/media opportunities
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Merchandising
  • Media Stunts
  • Industry Showcases